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About this blog

For many years, I resisted starting a blog for the simple reason of a lack of material.  I don’t live a fascinating life, have glamorous friends, or take exceptional photos.  I write because I have to.  I’ve kept a journal since I was 8 years old.  The vast majority of this writing is unsuitable to be read.  Some days it is columns and columns of words with no connection or grammar.  It is bluntly the detritus of a cramped mind, not worth anyone’s time, not even mine.

Some days an entire story falls out, but most of the time I take only a phrase, a character or a setting from that daily writing to develop further.  Because I have a day job, my yield is microscopic.  It isn’t unusual for me to take months to complete a 1000-word short story or essay.

This blog began as a self-improvement exercise to write to a shorter deadline, sometimes at the expense of better quality.  I chose to to focus on running for the sake of readability.  The scope makes it easier for me to manage expectations, and I hope someone will find the subject matter relevant even when my writing quality falters.  Though I began running later in life, it has become my great love, less demanding than physics, and less fickle than writing.  I’ll never tire of doing it, dreaming of it, talking and writing about it.


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