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June 8, 2010 / elodie kaye

Slapped Straight

From the beginning of my running crisis, Tim’s position on it has been the same.  While I respect him as a talented runner, he started running when he was 14.  Tim has no memory of being bad at it, and hardly any of being new to it.  Add to that a well-worn role as the smug badass of our group, and I don’t always listen.

I suspect my continued whining finally wore him down.  He explained impatiently, and perhaps a bit loudly, that my running sucks because my feet have been coddled by 3 months of running nothing but trails.  “A Porsche is gonna be hard on your ass after you’ve been riding around in a land yacht.”  Before I had a chance to repeat that I’m not feeling any injuries or lasting soreness, he continued.  “I bet your ankles, achilles and calves get sore before you’re even breathing hard.  Am I right?

“They hurt because asphalt is brutal.  You need to toughen those muscles.”

He got my attention when he named those areas that feel the worst before I did.  My achilles and calves have never been injured.  In the weak link lottery, my ticket lists those parts down at the bottom.  Like a chump, I asked him what to do.  Tim is the guy who helped me with my downhill form by yelling as he ran next to me, “Lean down the slope.  Tits first.”

“Your road mileage has gotta be in the ten thousands right, lifetime?” (Uh, less than 10,000.)  “It’s not like your body can’t take it.

“Suck it up.”



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  1. Vern Myers / Jun 8 2010 9:50 pm

    I guess you could test the hyothesis by going out on a trail and seeing if you have a decent run again! If so, you could even alternate surfaces for a while to more gradually re-accustom yourself to hard surfaces…

    • elodiekaye / Jun 9 2010 1:28 pm

      My Long-Suffering Boyfriend whisked us away for the weekend at the last minute, so I did have a chance to do exactly that. Five blissful miles on soft, dark soil, dodging roots. Don’t you hate it when the smart alecks get it right? 😉

  2. Sara Grace / Jun 8 2010 11:25 pm

    Suck. It. Up. is usually a good mantra.

    • elodiekaye / Jun 9 2010 1:38 pm

      If you had been the one to say it, I wouldn’t hesitate. I don’t know if I can bear to give Tim the satisfaction! 😉


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