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May 25, 2010 / elodie kaye

Back of the Closet

This week I folded away my cotton running t-shirts.  One of the curses of being a runner for a while is having drawers full of old race t-shirts.  Some people save their favourites like heirlooms, hang them up in their running shrines, or pay for them to be made into other, hopefully more useful, objects.  I cut mine up, re-stitch in key places, and then sweat in them until I’m too embarrassed to wear them again.  For runs less than 45 min. I run in old board shorts and ratty race t-shirts.  It’s a throwback to my grad student days when my budget could only stretch as far as running shoes.  Being short of both money and time meant I had to run in whatever was clean, (or sometimes, least dirty!)  This week, it’s a happy milestone that my daily runs are getting too long for me to be comfortable in them any more.


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