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April 21, 2010 / elodie kaye

Sunshine Changes Everything

With few exceptions, every run has been in the 50s or 60s and sunny in the two months that I’ve been in Santa Barbara, which is not remarkable.  I can fully expect equally comfortable conditions for all my runs out to July.  My run today was uncharacteristically similar to being in New England.  It started out at 48ºF which is a bit too cool for shorts at home, but here the sun is stronger which nudges you to optimistically believe that shorts will be fine.  At 3/4 mi. my path was still flooded with golden sun, but nearby a dark cloud was spitting a fine rain in my direction.  While I was marveling at the sun shower I had lucked into, the air became cooler and I reconsidered the wisdom of choosing shorts.  Maybe I should have paired my tank with arm sleeves.  Then I remembered they are in the sock drawer in Toronto, because I’ve never wanted to wear them in SB before.

At 1.5 mi. the wind was blowing hard, maybe 25mph gusts, and the rain was pelting down.  I love running in rain, especially thunderstorms.  Even at 45ºF, rain isn’t too cold if I don’t run more than an hour, but this wind-driven rain was hurting me stinging my foolishly exposed limbs with a thousand tiny darts.  The numbness in my hands was moving up my forearms, and I thought I’d better surrender this run.

My shortcut on this 4-mile loop comes at 2 mi. but by the time I reached the turn-off, the rain had stopped and the sky was brightening.  I still had to deal with the wind, but sunshine changes everything.  It warmed my arms and hands, and I didn’t take the shortcut after all.


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