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April 11, 2010 / elodie kaye

Slouching into Paradise

It’s a sign of my softening that I only notice the weather now when it’s bad.  In Santa Barbara, I have the luxury of ignoring my accuweather bookmark.  Where in Toronto I would have to bring up the weather page alongside my weekly running plan, these days I pull out my shorts as long as there is a bit of blue sky.  Today, there was no blue sky.  I had to use my bookmark to find an answer to this anomaly.

Because of forest fires, rainfall of 3 in. over a period of 6 hours warrants a weather advisory.  Since I’m living by the ocean nowhere near a burn area, this only means I will take my rest day tomorrow.  It may mean that I’ll have to avoid trails for a few days until they dry out.  For today, I pulled out my long-sleeved shirt and capri pants to cope with an unseasonable 50ºF and 20+ mph winds.

Typically, when I pack my running clothes for a stay in SoCal, I only bring that lone long-sleeved shirt and my only pair of capri pants.  Other than that, it’s all shorts, tees, and tanks.  Unless I run before dawn, I’ve never needed full tights here.  Capri pants are an anachronism in Toronto, where transitional weather is so brief that I have to look for an excuse to wear them.  I couldn’t understand the point of capri pants until I ran here in November.  Even so, I’ve rarely had to pull them out more than twice a week in the coldest days of December.

At the other extreme, a very hot day in Santa Barbara reaches 88ºF, but with a crisp 60% humidity.  Some mountain trails get considerably hotter, but overall Toronto’s summers are much tougher to run through.  I can already tell it’s going to be ugly when I have to go back.



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  1. saragracer / Apr 13 2010 6:43 am

    I don’t even want to think about the summer East Coast humidity! But I’ve run thru hell before, in DC. Guess we’ll do it again!

    • elodiekaye / Apr 13 2010 3:23 pm

      If it’s any consolation, summer in NYC is somewhat better than D.C. Equally oppressive, but shorter. The real silver lining is running the autumn when you get a free burst of speed with the cold snap. You get to cash in on all that hot summer running.

      Conversely, this effect doesn’t really happen in SB because the summer isn’t very hot, and the autumn isn’t very cold.

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