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February 1, 2010 / elodie kaye

Pride Before the Fall

My long run this week felt like hell.  It was 23ºF when I started with just a light wind.  Not bad, but by the time I was bringing it home, the wind had picked up to 15 mph, which struck me as incredibly insulting.  Overall, my pace was 10s faster, and I ran one mile farther than my long run 2 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, it felt much worse than 2 weeks ago.  It could have been the cold, or it could have been because I started out too fast.  My pace over the first half was only 12s faster than the 10-miler, but I felt like I was bonking at about 8 miles.  Coincidentally, 8 miles was the distance of my long run last week.

Anyway, walking it in is not an option in the winter, so I ran the last mile on fumes.  It turned out to be the fastest split of the day.  Go figure.  I still ran negative splits, so I’m not sure what to make of it.  Maybe I just hate the cold.

For the week, I logged 31 miles which is more than I expected given the bad start.  I did get my hill workout done, and tried a short stamina run.  That might have contributed to the crappy long run, too.  For the month, I ran 115 miles and my 4 week average is up to 27 miles.  Given that my average in the weeks leading up to ITBS rehab was only 21 miles, I may be overreaching a bit.

Like last week, I feel tentative about the week ahead.  I really need to stop hurting myself on the weekends!  This time it’s my left knee, but I haven’t had pain there before so I need to be super careful.  I may take an extra rest day to make sure it’s getting better, then run short.  If all goes well, then I’ll just settle for some easy running with strides, and a long run of 11-12 miles on the weekend.  No mileage goal this week.  If my knee isn’t doing better by Wednesday, then the whole week will be recovery and rehab.



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  1. Vern Myers / Feb 1 2010 11:54 pm

    Ouch! I hate to hear about sore knees after my recent experience! Take good care of it and please be extra cautious, Elodie!

    • elodiekaye / Feb 2 2010 1:28 pm

      Thanks Vern, you’re so thoughtful! 🙂 It will be okay, I think it’s actually something in my lower leg, the fascia is a bit tender to the side of my shin. It feels nothing like patellar tendinitis, or ITBS, but the routine is pretty much the same.

  2. saragracer / Feb 3 2010 11:02 am

    Elodie, i didn’t see this until today! Take care of you! I’ve been having a light week, largely because I was still feeling my weekend run (7 miles, but long for me, and i’m still convinced it’s longer than mapquest is telling me!) in my hips. (which is weird; i don’t think i’ve ever had sore hips before…)

    We’ll catch up on our miles on the weekend…. 🙂

    • elodiekaye / Feb 3 2010 12:53 pm

      Hips are the new knees. 🙂 I’m surprised your hips are bothering you though, yoga strengthens them pretty thoroughly I find. Whenever I lengthen my long run, I feel it for a couple of days, even if I’ve run that distance earlier in the season. Yours was the longest ever!

      My knee is feeling a bit better so I may try to run short this afternoon. I’m still not sure of the weekend, but I’m optimistic. 🙂

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