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January 27, 2010 / elodie kaye

Six Sisters

A good run day!  It’s been about a week since I’ve had one, in spite of the fact that I was supposed to be taking it easy last week.  Ahhh, the drought is over!  The sun made a huge difference.  The dilemma of Toronto winters is that you must choose between mild temperatures and sun.  If the sun is out, it’s cold.  If the temperature is above freezing, the sky is solidly grey.

We had clear, golden sun today, and I’m happy for it even though it was 25ºF, with a 15 mph wind.  I had hills planned, and I cheerfully did four climbs.  It was really fun!  I have a series of parallel streets all going up the side of a river bank.  They vary from 100m to 250m, and each one has a slightly different character.  One is long and shallow.  Another is short, shallow at the bottom, steep up top.  One is steep from the beginning but has a flat spot in the middle.  The last one I did today is long and even, but curves at the end.  Later on, I may do reps of just one to check my pace and consistency, but it’s early yet.

I wanted to be working pretty hard by the time I reached the top, so it was a bit of a game to choose the right pace for each one.  It always takes me by surprise how well I’m able to gauge my effort at this workout, when I do it for the first time in a season.  It takes me a few workouts to find the right pace when I do any kind of speedwork on the flats, but if I have to climb a hill I get it right.  I had to face the wind on each rep which slowed me down, but it was nice and steady, so it didn’t turn out to be much of a factor.

This workout did nothing for my leg speed such as it is, but that’s okay.  I did enough of that last week, and I’ll go back to it again.  This week, the developing theme seems to be strength.  The hills went so well, I think I may add a little something to build my stamina on Friday or Saturday.  We’ll see how the weather shakes out.


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