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January 18, 2010 / elodie kaye

Training Snapshot

I spent most of December rehabilitating ITBS that had spread to my knee and hip, so my 4-week average for mileage is in the dumps, only 18 miles a week.  However, the last two weeks saw a big bump in mileage up to 29 miles, and both weeks felt pretty good.  I could probably do another 30 miles this week without much trouble, but it’s time to buy some injury insurance.  I’ll step back to 20 miles this week, but my daily runs need some lengthening.  The long run is up to 10 miles, but my everyday runs have been topping out at 4.5, so this is the week to bring up a couple of them.  It’s also time to add some strides just to quicken my leg turnover, so that’s also on the slate for this week.

I don’t have any races set yet, though I have my eye on a couple of half-marathons in May, either a local or one with better weather, a 5K, a 5-mile, a 10K, and a 10-Miler sprinkled in between.  I’ll probably run most of them, and choose which half I want to run sometime around March.  Because I’m not targeting a PR in the half this year, I’ll write down my own training plan in a month or two.  My lackadaisical attitude towards my running does have some method behind the madness.  I still get a lot of bang off base miles.  Up to about 45 miles a week, my racing times pick up pretty steadily for races 5M and up, as I increase mileage.  I only need 4 – 6 weeks of speedwork to sharpen up for short races, 8 – 10 weeks for a half.  My results vary more or less based on how much mileage I was doing before I started the sharpening phase.

Eventually, I’ll hit a plateau as I have with the 5K.  There’s only so much speed you can gain by tuning your aerobic systems, and my times in the 5K show that other weaknesses (most likely mechanical) are holding me back at those paces.  To see more PRs at that distance, I’ll need to get really intimate with track rubber this summer.



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  1. Vern Myers / Jan 19 2010 12:46 am

    Whichever half option you go with, we’ll be racing just a week or two apart! Perfect for comparing training notes and whining about our respective aches and pains! Misery really does love company!

    • elodiekaye / Jan 19 2010 7:25 pm

      Vern, I can’t possibly imagine you miserable. 🙂

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