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January 14, 2010 / elodie kaye

Hat Free

It was so mild today I ran without any headgear!  On most of my runs, I’ve had to wear a hat or at least a fleece headband, so I was ambushed by the need to remove it.  It was an unfamiliar sensation to feel my hair flapping in the breeze, so I was unprepared to deal with this impediment to snot-rocketry.  Freak that I am, I sweat the most from my head, so it’s usually an invitation to uncontrollable chills if I run without covering it in some fashion.  Today however, I was thankful for this deviant mutation, because it provided a convenient way to get my hair clear when the need arose for effluent evacuation.  I call it deviant, because it can’t be a survival advantage to cool my brain.  Even if it is, considering that I’ve been known to run more than one red light while on a 20-miler, it’s obviously ineffective.

As I’ve mentioned before, my running is currently in the crapper, which means I must avoid thinking about it as much as possible.  This is harder than you imagine since it’s necessary to muster enough enthusiasm to, you know, get out the door.  Otherwise my running would stay firmly in aforementioned toilet.  It’s a conundrum that keeps me up at night.  In an attempt to distract myself from the minutiae of my daily runs, I ponder such riveting questions as, “I wonder how many more times I can get away with wearing these tights before washing?”



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  1. Keith Peters / Jan 15 2010 11:42 am

    Yay, your mild weather made its way east today and I, too, was able to remove my headgear for the last mile of my run. But most of my run was spent trying NOT to compose my DM post while running. I ended up in a nasty self-referential loop that nearly crashed my brain.

    • elodiekaye / Jan 15 2010 3:03 pm

      Ha! Now that it’s warmer, I’ll try speeding up for a couple minutes to empty my brain of the noise. Glad you weren’t left out of the hat-less temps. 🙂

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