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January 11, 2010 / elodie kaye

Long Run Hangover

Ugh, what a remarkably horrible run that was.  I wasn’t tired.  I wasn’t sore.  I had plenty of sleep.  The weather was mild, and the footing was better than it has been.  I didn’t have any serious pain on the run either, mostly just an achy joint here, a tendon yanking the tibia there.  It was a series of disgruntled jabs that moved from one spot to another.  Nothing to worry about.  For no apparent reason, I couldn’t find any rhythm.  My strides were jarring and inconsistent, no matter if I sped up, slowed down, shortened my steps or lengthened them.  Even my arms were flapping more than swinging.

The whole half-hour was a battle against a mutiny of all four limbs bent on flinging themselves to the cardinal points.  Obviously I am being punished for my hubris in the previous post.


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