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January 6, 2010 / elodie kaye

Oy, Not Another One!

If it isn’t one thing it’s another — specifically posterior tibial tendinitis.  It’s not a common one for runners, but not uncommon for those with flat feet.  I feel the pain on the bottom of my foot, towards the inside, right behind the arch. Perversely, it afflicts me when my gait shifts from a floppy heel-striking, to a nimbler midfoot-striking stride.  Go figure.

For me, it’s pretty strongly correlated to hill drills and/or snow.  Both of these involve greater forces on my mid-foot right over the arch, which stretches that tendon.  Last winter, I mostly ignored it and kept running, because the pain is usually worst in the morning and resolves itself over the course of the day. Eventually, it got so bad I couldn’t walk.  I could not stand.  It was horrible, and kept me home from work for a week.  Worse, it wiped me out from running for two months.

So today, I hope I was smarter.  I shortened my run, even though my foot was pain-free.  I taped up my arch to give that tendon a little more support.  I’m icing the hell out of it three times a day.  Lastly, I’m keeping this post short because I’m tired of writing about injuries all the time.  I needed to put something up about it, because there isn’t that much information out there pertaining to runners, but I’m not ready to do a properly thorough post on it, just yet.  In the meantime, here’s the most helpful article I found on posterior tibialis tendinitis.


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