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January 5, 2010 / elodie kaye

Injury Talismans

Since I have another mandated rest day, I may as well whine about my aches.  It worked out so well when I lost my Polar do-hickey.  My last 3 runs were on snow. They were sufficiently different from all the other runs I’ve done for the last 3 months, that my tendons and ligaments needed a break.  Interestingly, my hamstrings were first to get sore but they’ve adapted nicely.

I struggled the entire month of December with a worsening ITB/ hip bursitis complication but finally kicked that to the curb by taking 10 days off, and eating all the cookies, crab puffs, and guacamole I wanted.  I think it worked.  If it turns out it didn’t, I’m going to try pizza and gorgonzola.  The snow may in fact have helped it a little.  Because the conditions were different every day, I didn’t really have a chance to overuse any particular group of muscles, and it made the surface much softer than the pavement and packed trails that I had been running.

My usual prescription for injuries of all kinds from hips down to toes is to ice ice ice. As long as the pain improves over a span of 3 days, I normally just stick to the training plan, icing the sore spot after every run.  If the pain doesn’t improve or gets worse, then I take a day off.  I ice twice on the day off.  About 80% of the time for me, this routine is enough.  It has worked on PF, twisted ankles, knee pain, shin splints.  The key is catching it early.  I don’t try to make up the missed run in any way.  Sometimes, I’ll even cut short the workout after a day off.  I don’t make up for that either.  Never say sorry.

My ITBS was different.  It improved, but got worse, and improved, and got worse. By the middle of the month, I couldn’t sleep on my right side at all because the bursa in my hip was so inflamed it would wake me up.  The only reason I didn’t go to the orthopod was because I knew the only thing he could give me was a cortisone injection.  I traded 10 days off from running instead of that shot.  I consider that cheap.


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