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January 4, 2010 / elodie kaye

Run Eats Brains

I rarely take a shortcut home.  Out of literally thousands of runs, I have never done this unless forced to out of injury.  It’s not out of virtue, it’s from a lack of imagination.  When I’m tired enough to be tempted by a shortcut, I’m sufficiently oxygen-deprived that I’m unable to work out how to do it.  Somehow, my feeble mind did solve that puzzle today.  It amounted to a difference of about a quarter mile, which is less than 3 minutes.

Remarkably, I don’t regret it.  Moreover, I feel it was worth it, because it was that cold.  The thermometer and the weather station say it’s warmer today than yesterday, but they lie.  Even now, after changing every article of clothing right down to my underwear, using a hair dryer to warm my head and hands, and two steaming mugs of tea later, I’m convinced I’ll never train for a spring marathon, not even Boston.

Okay, maybe Boston.

However, until that day comes I’m going to explore the value of doing doubles vs. long runs, if I have to stay here in TO much longer.


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