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January 3, 2010 / elodie kaye

Whining Works

When I went out it was 9*F with a 16 mph wind. The wind chill temp was supposed to be -22*F, but I think I’ve stopped believing in wind chill. Maybe it’s because I’m usually pretty good about facing the wind on the outbound leg, or maybe my runs these days aren’t long enough for me to face the wind for more than about a mile, I always end up too hot when I dress for the wind chill temperature. That’s right, too hot. I sweat more than the average pig about to go to slaughter, so it’s not unusual for my running bra to be heavy with sweat even when it’s just in the ‘teens outside. I didn’t do that today, and it was great!

Just this morning I was looking at all the Torontonians who had posted 10+K runs, wearing that suspicious bravado Canadians seem to fall back on as a kinder, gentler form of nationalism. It didn’t seem credible that running in single-digit temps with a stiff wind could possibly be fun. But damn if it isn’t true. In spite of no footing at all and tight hamstrings, it was a great feeling to be outside.

I didn’t bring the Nike Sportband with me, so that review will have to wait. The only Nike shoes I have with me right now are the Lunarglides which I haven’t run in before. I don’t like taking new equipment out in uncertain conditions. Especially with the snow, I couldn’t tell if they’d aggravate the ITBS I just coaxed out of my right leg, but guess what? After all that crying and moaning I’ve been doing the last 2 days, I found my Polar do-hickey! See? Whining works.


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