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December 31, 2009 / elodie kaye

Waste of a Sports Bra

That’s what I was thinking as I was gathering my running clothes. It’s just above freezing outside and raining/snowing drearily. I don’t mind running when it snows. When I was just a beginner I even discovered I run faster in the rain. That led to a fetish which has had me racing against lightning and once losing the race against a hailstorm. In my very first marathon, a monsoon swept through Manhattan, and even the winners squelched water out of their flats with every step.

I’m not shy about getting wet, but when it’s between 30 – 40 degrees, I try to keep it short. Currently, short equals about 2 miles, which is how I got to my verdict about a waste of running clothes. I’m rehabbing a stubborn ITB, and I’m not training for anything, but I was just forced to take 10 days off. I just had a day off yesterday. If I keep running, this would be my first full week of running mostly pain-free.

However, I realised I didn’t expect, and probably wouldn’t get much joy out of this run. Even in the best of conditions, 2 miles is really too short to get into a groove. It’s mostly a placeholder for a running day which I intend to grow into more serious mileage later.

It’s amazing how much ruminating it takes me to skip a run.


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