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December 30, 2009 / elodie kaye

Obligatory Rest Day

I’m up to a big Seven Miles for this week. woohoo. Nonetheless, it’s the dead of winter and my ITB has been sore the entire month. After three whole days in a row of very gingerly running on Toronto’s icy walks, today is a mandated break.

Currently my standard practice for rehabilitating my injury is to ice my hip and knee with something that’s meant to chill a lunch suitable for a brick layer. It’s colder than my meagre vocabulary can describe, and yet it’s infinitely more palatable than sitting in a bathtub with two trays of ice, so I count myself lucky. I do this three times a day, and I still maintain I have it pretty good.

So it occurs to me, at what point do you finally relent to pharmacological or other medical interventions? Two advil would silken my hip and knees nicely in just 30 minutes. A cortisone shot would fix me up for all of 2010. Compare that to my icing-stretching-roller-contorting routine that soaks up no less than an hour and a half every day. I spend more time rehabbing than I do running. I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks and will probably have to keep doing it for two more.

What, stop running? Who said that?!


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